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--- refer to the step ---2 Configuration Business system as local Integration Engine. 1. Goto Transaction SXMB_ADM. 2. Choose Edit --> Change Global Configuration Data. 3. Select Role of Business System: Application system. 4. Corresponding Integration server: dest://<HTTPDESTINATION>. Here <HTTPDESTINATION> SAPISU_XID created in step 1. Dest://SAPISU_XID.

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Access the activity using the following navigation option: Transaction Code. SXMB_ADM. Choose Integration Engine Configuration Integration Engine Configuration. In the menu bar, choose Edit Change Selected Configuration Data. As role of business system, select Application System. Previous Next.

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3. Configure Integration Engine. To do so navigate to SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine Configuration. Then press ‘Configuration’ button. In the configuration you need to add the following parameters as presented in the screenshot below. Please make sure you use connection previously created in SM59 (Step 1).

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in the SXMB_ADM, Integration Engine Configuration->Specific configuration.. there are several parameters, with values.... can the forum provide me the meaning of these values, coz i need to change

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We can configure and monitor the Integration Engine using a transaction SXMB_ADM (Integration Engine – Administration). We should configure the Integration Engine for the existing Landscape before we can use it. We can check the global configuration settings consistency by F7 or by clicking on check button. Following screen should appear with ...

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Integration Engine Configuration. This wiki you clear understanding of Global configuration and Specific configuration data of a Business system or client Configuration data of the integration engine. It is necessary to configure the Integration Engine, which enables the exchange of messages at run time.

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As a PI consultant, understanding of Integration Engine configuration helps, how best you can utilize the resources available with Integration engine. To understand the value of configuring the Integration Engine, one needs to know about Integration Engine. Integration Server constitutes of three engines:

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In integration engine configuration (SXMB_ADM), we can configure parameters like the HTTP_TIMEOUT etc. Is there any parameter regarding payload size that can be processed with an HTTP post? Also, does this change dynamically depending upon current memory constraints the server system is currently facing?